Darker Side of Desire & The Sheikh's Pregnant Prisoner - Penny Jordan & Tara Pammi

Darker Side of Desire & The Sheikh's Pregnant Prisoner

By Penny Jordan & Tara Pammi

  • Release Date: 2017-05-22
  • Genre: Contemporain


Re-read this classic romance DARKER SIDE OF DESIRE by New York Times bestsellingauthor Penny Jordan

A bond was forged the day Claire saved the infant heir to the desert kingdom of Omarahfrom assassins. Otherwise, she wouldn't have agreed to masquerade as the boy's mother—and Raoul D'Albro's unwanted wife. But nothing could shield Claire from his powerfulmasculinity or their mutual desire!

Originally published in 1984

And re-discover another thrilling Harlequin Presents, THE SHEIKH'S PREGNANTPRISONER, by Tara Pammi

When Zafir Al Masood finds out the woman he had a whirlwind affair with is carrying hischild and intending to keep it secret, he imprisons feisty Lauren in his palace. Unlikehim, his baby will not be the illegitimate heir of a sheikh. And to ensure this, Zafirwill make Lauren his wife…!

Originally published in 2016